The Taming of Ouroboros


This is an Age of Darkness.

It is an age so dark as to even eclipse the blackness of Old Night herself. And yet this our work remembers a different and now distant age. An age of grand visions, daring exploits and heroic sacrifice all in the name of the future of Mankind. An age of unity, of brotherhood and untarnished loyalty wrought in the name of the Emperor and tempered in the purity of the Imperial Truth.
An Age of Hope.

These volumes will speak of that age.
Herein is recorded the Taming of Ouroboros, the subjugation of its worlds and the scouring of the foul beings which resided therein. We will speak of the Storming of the Prasada, the Battle of the Jaws, the Sack of the Temple and the Liberation of the Seven Sisters, of glorious victories and bitter defeats. Of the honoured dead we will tell, and of the many wonders and horrors discovered in the shrouded depth of the Constellation. It is not a history of the grandest of conquests made in that age, nor does our history speak of the most legendary figures to bestride that time of gods and heroes. Yet ours is a record of the bravery, the brotherhood and the endurance that exemplified that bygone time. It speaks of the glory that was the Legio Astartes and the hope that was Mankind’s destiny.

That is now gone.
Mankind’s brilliant future drowned as the firestorm engulfed Isstvan III and its hope was brought crashing down against the bleak crags of Isstvan V as brother murdered brother. The Gods of Death has turned against our beloved imperium, and we mere mortals can but watch as they tear it apart in their fratricidal rage. What value is this our work in times such as these? Helpless and weak as we are in this age of monsters.

As I have worked at collecting our many records into these volumes I have witnessed a pall of darkness that runs through our accounts and, as I have since witnessed the horrors which sprouted from them, I believe I can now recognize the seeds of these atrocities. It is my hope therefore that something of the present can be learned from the past. But more importantly I have collected these volumes out of a sense of loyalty to our old group whose collective work this is. I alone now remain alive and truly human amongst us five. At least a little longer.
Yet more than that, I must write so at least a tale of that age remains untarnished. I write because there is nothing else left for me to do. And I write so that, at the very end of all hope and beyond the limits of reason, some may read these words.

For I do still remember,
the Glory that was the Crusade.

Into the Heart of Darkness

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