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The Taming of Ouroboros

The Northern Marches

Planetary Datafexes and Astrographic Reports :
Astromantic Report – The Northern Marches
Datafex – The Askiya System
Datafex – The Prasada

Cultures, Kingdoms and other Realms:
The Devaraj
The Technarchs of Kovhir
The Yilderin of Evren

The Knights of Morkin:
The Clones of the Cydonian Forge
The Stray Machines of Lexx

The 312th Expeditionary Fleet of the Great Crusade

History and Accumulated Lore
History – Foundation of the 312th Fleet
History – The “Firebird” Expedition
History – The Cleansing Dishonour
History – The Council at Smirnae
Appendix I – The First Turning

Legion III:

Legion XIV:

Legion XVIII:
Unit of Reknown – The Anvil of Cleansing

Legion XX:

Age of Darkness House Rules:
Errata Mk1

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