The Yilderin of Evren

The Yilderin Dynasty

The oldest of the human realms encountered by the Expeditionary Fleet in the Northern Marches the worlds of the Yilderin were ruled as a feudal monarchy. The realm had its origin amongst the techno-barbarians on the planet of Evren, a small world of soaring mountains and cold valleys likely once set up as a mining colony. The people of Evren had regressed into barbarism during the long Age of Darkness, prayed upon and exploited by technologically superior men who inhabited a series of stations orbiting the planet. The history of the Yilderin speaks of the founder of their line, a warrior-queen named Asena, who unified the planets warring tribes and took bloody vengeance to the men in the skies. Learning the secrets of spacefaring from their defeated foes the Yilderin set out from their homeworld, conquering much of the Northern Marches within the span of three-hundred years.

The Yilderin domain as encountered by the Expeditionary Fleet was much diminished however, for long wars against the Orks and two lost wars against the Devaraj had left them with but a handful of systems nestled around their capital at Evren. The reasons for their setbacks lay primarily with two peculiarities of their realm. The Yilderin had no vessels capable of traversing the warp, relying instead upon cryo-technology and explosive-pulse engines, leaving communication and movement within their realm ungainly and slow in the extreme. Partly for this reason, and due to their feral heritage, their realm was organized as a feudal tributary system. Each planets king, or Beg in local parlance, were expected to provide military service and resources to the head of the Yilderin monarchy, known as the Hakim, whose court ambulated between the realms major worlds. On more than one occasion however the local rulers proved untrustworthy, several of them crucially shifting their allegiance to or having been converted by the Devaraj.

What the Yilderin had however was the warrior ideals of their feral heritage, a large supply of well-trained and motivated soldiers, and highly advanced weaponry which had survived the Dark Age upon Evren. Practically every Yilderin would fight as part of their military, the planet of Evren acting as little but a massive barrack producing warriors to make sure that resources kept flowing in from their conquered worlds. Already prior to the Expeditionary Fleet’s arrival intelligence suggested that the average Yilderin soldier was close to the peak of what a mere human could achieve, well-trained, resourceful, well-lead and above all brave. Heavily armoured and equipped with an array of energy weapons, both known and unknown, they were still a force to be reckoned with even as they fought desperately to protect the last of their realm.

The Yilderin of Evren

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