Hrimthursar Brynjard

Son of Ymir


Hrimthursar Brynjard is a Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought during the Horus Heresy and Great Crusade Eras. Having fought in many a campaign prior to the Ouroboros Campaign, Brynjard is a veteran Space Wolf with a hatred for greenskins.


A mighty fenrisian warrior, Brynjard became an aspirant of the VIth Legion shortly after Leman of the Russ was reunited with the Allfather. Brynjard went on to fight with fierce determination and berserk like fury. What he lacked in intelligence, he made up for with sheer brute force.
Alongside his Huscarl Hvarl the Ravager, Brynjard fought in many campaigns in service of Great Company For in one of its Grey Slayer packs. Even though not a huscarl, and never destined to rise higher in rank, Brynjard earned himself glory with his brutal deeds.
Brynjard would see his first thread cut while boarding a space hulk around ca 750.M30. While traversing the Hulk, they happened upon a group of giant orks in the middle of a power struggle. Considering the size of the orks, they had just come from a fresh fight, and were eager to establish new leadership and launch a new Waaagh! Huscarl Hvarl realized the danger such a Waaagh! Could pose to the neighbouring systems and decided to wait for the fight to finish and then slay the victor, knowing that taking on the full group of Nobz meant certain death for his small pack.
The biggest greenskin in the room had a big golden spike in his mouth and wielded huge power claw, a device that should have been too heavy to lift without extensive servo armouring. He had already killed a few of his rivals by snapping of heads, limbs or simply headbutting them. With just a 3 rivals left, the big nob decided to end the matter, and punched his power claw clean through the head of the greenskin standing next to him. As he removed his claw, he glimpsed the smooth grey armour of one of the grey slayers lying in wait. Clearly confident that he had established himself as the new Boss now, he barked orders and charged straight at the biggest enemy in the room. Brynjard the Mighty.
Brynjard was a huge Space Wolf, with a tick barrel-like chest, standing well above his fellow packmembers. But even then, the ork was larger still. As the rest of the pack fought off the smaller orks, Brynjard fought with all the might he had, but it was barely enough to keep him alive, let alone kill the creature. Dodging several blows from the power claw, Brynjard was forced back against the wall, locked in a stranglehold by the Greenskin. As Power claw came in to deliver the killing blow, Brynjard desperately threw up his Power fist to parry. He caught the claw and snapped it closed. While holding the claw immobilized with his power fist, Brynjard started punching the Warboss in the face. Blow after blow landed, but the stranglehold didn’t weaken. As the Grey Slayer struggled to breath, he used all his strength to land a final blow. It connected full force, and knocked out the golden spike. In an explosion of raging violence, the greenskin wrestled his claw free, and ripped off every single of Brynjards limbs. Just as the Warboss ripped out brynjards secondary heart, a frost axe split his skull.
Not done with his service to Hvarl and For, Brynjard was placed in a dreadnought sarcophagus. No longer towering over his packmates in power armour, Brynjard now towers over his Son of Ymir brothers in a Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought.

Hrimthursar Brynjard

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